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Number 1 Hits
Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson has been with Epsom Hospital Radio since October 2019
Join Danielle every Friday from 6 - 8pm. 

Questions and Answers: 

What's your favourite genre of music?
I have a pretty eclectic taste and it often depends on my mood but if you want to get me on the dance floor then some ‘90/’00s usually does the trick.

When you're not at Epsom Hospital Radio, what are you doing?
As a day job I work in change management helping organisations transform. You can also find me taking on various run challenges and hitting the slopes when I can.

If you had £1,000,000 to spend on yourself and no-one else what would you spend it on?
I would buy a house - have you seen the house prices lately?! With no mortgage it would mean I could take on jobs I really enjoy or could make a difference with and spend more time travelling.

What is your ideal holiday destination?
I try to go somewhere new every year and would really like to go to Japan next.

What is your favourite film?

What is your favourite TV programme?
Anything with David Attenborough

Who is your favourite comedian?
Michael McIntyre

Who is your favourite sports team/star?
Roger Federer, although if you haven’t seen the documentary yet about Andy Murray I would recommend it. He comes across very well and may change opinions about him.

What is your favourite drink?

What is your favourite food?
Anything covered in cheese, so probably cheese!

What inspires you?
Nature - it is so resilient, has beauty no matter what the season, and by spending time outdoors I can reenergise myself.

Middle name?

Star sign?

Weird & wonderful talents?
Well people are often surprised I am doing this, not sure it is particularly weird though.

Most treasured belongings?
A St Christopher from my father. It was one of his treasured belongings so is now mine.

Favourite smell?
The Sea

What was the Number 1 single on the day you were born?
T’Pau - China in your hand

What record drives you mad when you hear it?
Nothing that drives me so mad I can remember the title now. Can only mean I have had a long enough break from it.

What is your favourite album?
Tough choice, when I was little my dad had a Neil Sedaka album that I loved and still brings back happy memories. More recently though probably Darkness and Light by John Legend.

Have you met anyone famous and if so, under what circumstances?
I have worked for a couple of charities now running events and challenges so I have met several famous people from the likes of Barbara Windsor and Alan Shearer to members of the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Who is your favourite radio presenter?
I have grown up alongside Radio 1’s Greg James and it has been great to see his career develop. He is very relatable.

Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal dinner date and why?
I would like to sit down with Bill Gates. The breadth of his knowledge and interest would make for a great dinner conversation. He always comes across well in Ted Talks and interviews.

If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the items you'd need most?
Sun cream! I am what they would call an English Rose so definitely sun cream. 
Then a blanket, duct tape, matches and pride and prejudice. I would be planning my rescue and escape with the first three items where the last is a book that I can always re-read.