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I Love Rock 'n' Roll
Lewis Stephens

Lewis Stephens

Lewis Stephens has been with Epsom Hospital Radio since sometime in 2018.

Lewis is currently producing podacsts available on Spotify called WAYNE, which stands for 'Why Aren't You Normal, Epsom? It will be hosting all guests from the local area and will focus on their history with our hometown, how they keep their head above water in the modern world and also the journey behind whatever it is they are up too. He hopes it will conclude that there is no normal and set way to find your place, so try not to stress!

Questions and Answers: 

What's your favourite genre of music?
Sounds boring but almost anything, but if it's got a smooth guitar riff I'll give it a listen

When you're not at Epsom Hospital Radio, what are you doing?
Same as any 23 year old - going out eating and drinking at places I can't afford on the weekend and then saving up again throughout the week! I recently spent four months cycling around the UK Coastline which meant no Epsom Hospital Radio :(

If you had £1,000,000 to spend on yourself and no-one else what would you spend it on?
Get a round in at the bar

What is your ideal holiday destination?
Anywhere that has long downhill slopes, some snow and two sticks to slide down it on

What is your favourite film?

What is your favourite TV programme?
South Park

Who is your favourite comedian?
Stewart Lee

Who is your favourite sports team/star?
Fulham FC

What is your favourite drink?
Tough question - depends on weather, location and mood

What is your favourite food?
I take an egalitarian approach to food

What inspires you?
Speech that promotes genuine progress in whatever its subject matter is

Middle name?

Star sign?

Weird & wonderful talents?
I can throw a glass behind me and catch it 60 percent of the time

Most treasured belongings?
My 1960 Claud Butler Bicycle known on the street as 'Claud Helmcycle Wingate Butler the 1st'

Favourite smell?
Whatever my mum is cooking

What was the Number 1 single on the day you were born?
Prodigy - Firestarter

What record drives you mad when you hear it?
Taylor swift - Blank Space

What is your favourite album?
At the moment its Chris Stapleton – Traveller (Subject to change however)

Have you met anyone famous and if so, under what circumstances?
I don't believe I have

Who is your favourite radio presenter?
Steve Lamacq or Chris Moyles

Apart from your current partner, who would be your ideal dinner date and why?
I spent a really long time thinking about it this question and they all made other plans so I've asked the chef to join me

If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the items you'd need most?
A laptop, speakers and the internet plus a Spotify membership would be just right. Maybe one of those table tennis tables that folds up so I could play myself