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Green Studio

Our studios

Epsom Hospital Radio has two studios. Here is a brief explaination of them both.

Green Studio

Epsom Hospital Radio's Green StudioEpsom Hospital Radio's Green StudioEpsom Hospital Radio's Green StudioEpsom Hospital Radio's Green StudioEpsom Hospital Radio's Green StudioEpsom Hospital Radio's Green Studio - Mics Live

The Green studio was the first two be completed, mid-April 2019, it features a Soundcraft Series 10 broadcast mixer, two CD players, a mini disc player, a turntable, the stations computer playout system and three local microphones.

There is also a broadcast, and monitor feed of the Blue Studio, the 24 hour feed, and a news feed, facilities for taking telephone calls live to air, and some pluggable inputs for connecting laptops, MP3 players and other audio sources.

The Green, and the Blue studio also feature Andy's special LED light signalling system, normally green (as it is the green studio), changing to red when the mics are live, and flashing to blue from either colour when the telephone rings.

Blue Studio

Blue StudioBlue Studio - Mics Live

The Blue studio was completed at the end of August 2019, it is considerably smaller that the Green studio, as a result it is missing the turntable and has one less microphone. Otherwise it features exactly the same facilities as the Green studio, but uses an older Alice Soundtech series A mixing console.

The TV monitors in both studios show a clock, camera feeds of the the other studio, the corridor outside the studios and a feed of the door to the entrance to the area we a located in so that we can see if anyone is waiting to come in.

Server Room

All of the it kit runs from our server room over long cables, there is a Playout PC for both studios, and another for our sustaining feed.

We have a PC running Linux which records all of our output so presenters can take a copy home with them, and also streams it so that people in the hospital connected to NHS-Wifi can listen to Epsom Hospital Radio on their smartphone, tablet or Laptop.

There is also a Raspberry Pi with a GPS dongle which acts as our time server and also as the clocks seen in both studios, a sky box for our news feed and two UPSs to keep everything running during the frequent generator tests.