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Training and mentoring

If you sucessfully compete the application process, you will be paired up with an existing presenter who will become your mentor and work with you throughout the training process.

On attending your first training session with your mentor, you will be required to bring with you, your non-refundable £30 joining fee / subscription which contributes towards your training as well as the running cost of the radio station (a registered charity) and must be paid in full prior to your training commencing.

If you complete the application process, you will:-

  • Receive training on how to use all of the equipment in a typical radio studio as well as the radio automation software we use at our station.
  • Receive on-going support for improving your show, presenter style and development of ideas for content.
  • You'll be expected to attend and contribute time and effort towards outside broadcasts throughout the year.
  • Make a diffence to the patients of Epsom General Hospital, by entertaining them through the medium of radio and regularly visiting their bedsides to see what they want to hear.