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Daniel Elkeles visits Epsom Hospital Radio

CEO Daniel Elkeles visits Epsom Hospital Radio

The CEO of the Epsom and St Helier Hospital Trust visited Epsom Hospital Radio to drop in on Phil Watson's show on Friday 2nd August.

During the interview he explained what he did as a part of his role of CEO, and how he got into the role... with an interview that took part in the room that Epsom Hospital Radio recently built their studios in.

He also explained how the favourite part of his job is the staff within the trust going above and beyond every single day!

Every month, inspired by letters of praise from patients and their families he awards Patient First Gold Badges to staff, and also Epsom & St Helier Hero Awards where staff nomitate their colleagues who have really helped them to enable them to do their jobs.

There has been a big increase in the number of complimentary letters received since bigger name badges were introduced.

Daniel also had news of some big developments within the trust.

The introduction of a lottery, where 50p in every pound raises funds for the trust, and a top prize of £25 000.

The replacement of the Steam powered heating facility currently used by the trust with a new combined heating and power generation plant at the Epsom and St. Helier sites. -The two hospitals are apparently the only two hospitals in the country running on steam!

The Epsom site is also in the early stages of a face lift for the Wells Wing to repair the dodgy brickwork and rusting pipes there.

Epsom Hospital has a planning application being submitted for a two or three level multi-story car park with about 300 spaces for Epsom General Hospital.

And the biggest news of all, the trust has submitted a business case to the NHS for a new hospital on the site of Sutton Hospital for the sickest patients in the area!

He made clear that neither the Epsom nor the St Helier Hospital site would close - reasoning that why would they be spending so much money doing the sites up if they were going to close them?!

The Epsom & St Helier employs about 6000 people in the area, the biggest employer in the area by far, this will surely be good news for the local area!

The interview will be repeated on Epsom Hospital Radio, tune in from a hospedia bedside terminal, or via the link on the "How to listen" link on this site when connected to the NHS-Wifi on the Epsom Site.

For a version without Daniel's music choices, click play in the player below.